Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers questions on Desert Vista Fiber Arts (DVFA) Pricing Variables; and Customer / Desert Vista Fiber Arts agreements;

Ordering Process and Holiday Ordering Deadlines Desert Vista Fiber Arts (DVFA) Pricing Variables

• Can I bring you a picture or logo to have you embroider for me?

Many of the designs I embroider are “Stock” designs which I purchase the license to embroider. To convert a logo or photo to a format my embroidery machine can sew out, I need to use a computer software program. The time it takes to do this varies greatly with the quality, clarity of the art work, and the amount of detail in the graphic. This is called digitizing. Once digitized, it must be test sewed to check on the quality of the sew out. Then needed adjustments are made and the design is tested again. This is a labor-intensive task and may take several adjustments and sew outs before the quality of the design meets my quality standards.

• How much does it cost to have a picture or logo digitized?

The cost depends on the size, quality, number of colors and complexity of the picture or logo. There are companies who will do this digitizing and they can provide a quick quote on the cost if I am not able to do the digitizing.

• How much does it cost to embroider a design?

Design size and number of colors are the major components of the cost of the embroidery. I have a 6-needle machine. If I am embroidering multiple items and have 6 or less thread colors, I can set up the machine and embroidery multiple items with no further set up time. Additional colors and larger size raise the price. So the costs vary. Embroidery on items supplied by Desert Vista Fiber Arts (DVFA) depend on the item being embroidered and the number of colors and size of the design. Similar products can vary in price to the specific item selected by the customer. For example, shirt prices for a polo vary greatly and the one selected impacts the final cost. Customer / Desert Vista Fiber Arts agreements:

• Can I bring my own items to you for you to embroider?

Yes, you can. However, I purchase items wholesale and can often offer lower prices for embroidery items. There is a risk of issues which during the embroidery process which can ruin a product. DVFA assumes all risks and replaces/embroiders at no cost to the customer, any items to be embroidered which are purchased through by DVFA. Customers who supply the items to be embroidered are asked to sign a waiver. DVFA does NOT assume the risk for possible issues which may occur during embroidery and result in damage to the items. This does not happen often and care is taken to prevent such problems, but sometimes the machine can ruin an item. Ordering Process

• Can I order over the phone or by email?
I will gladly take orders by phone and through email. I do request a follow up email to have the order in writing to ensure the right items are embroidered and sent.

• Do you ship outside the US?
Currently, I ship within the US but I am willing to discuss other destinations. If you live in the Phoenix area and want to pick up your order that is possible.

• Do you take Credit Cards?
I take major credit cards, Paypal, and ebank checks. If you live close, I also take cash!!

• How soon will you ship my embroidered products?
If your item is in stock it will ship within 1 to 2 days. If I have the blank, (item to be embroidered) in stock, it should be shipped within a week. Please allow at least 2 weeks for embroidery of your products if I have to order your item to embroider. You will be notified if your order can not be filled within two weeks of your order date. If you are ordering for Christmas, the earlier you order, the better the chance you will have it for Christmas. November and December get very busy. To ensure the quality of your order, I require written verification of directions for all personalized and customized orders.

Holiday Ordering Deadlines

• What is the last date I can order for Christmas delivery?
Due to the high volume of custom orders in November and December I request your help in planning your custom orders in advance If you are considering a special gift for a Christmas present, please think ahead. The sewing studio gets very busy in November and December. I would hate to disappoint anyone with a fantastic idea but prices for short turnarounds in December have an added cost. So thinking ahead and ordering early helps you as well as me.

November 1 deadline to order quilts, wall hangings and other “large” projects. Acceptance of large projects is on an “as available” status, especially for Christmas delivery.

December 1st for guaranteed Christmas delivery – This date is subject to change if I have too many orders to in the queue. If my schedule is full by December I, I will only take orders for January delivery Projects ordered December 1 may incur 10 to 25% surcharge for Christmas delivery depending on the size of the project and my availability. Shop Closes December 20 to Jan 1.

All December orders not guaranteed for Christmas delivery will most likely be completed in January.

Most designs can be embroidered on multiple products. Products most commonly embroidered include:
• Aprons
• Shirts - Tees, Sweatshirts and Denim shirts
• Totes and Bags
• Towels
• Wallhangings

Please see the selection of designs in the Design Gallery. If you do not see what you are looking for please use this link to send me an email Elaine Tarr. There are 1000's of designs available, but not shown on the web site.

Custom Products
Sometimes our stock designs or stock blanks (items to be embroidered) do not meet your needs and I might be able to help you our.  Check out some of the custom items I have done for special orders.

If you have a special request for size, color or design please send an email for a quote to Elaine Tarr.

Travellers,golfers, teams and organization did your favorite  tee shirt or sweatshirt finally wear out? We can help you out with a new one for any country in the world, city, or event.  However, I do not use copyrighted designs unless you own the copyright.