Elaine Tarr

Fiber Artist specializing in embroidery and quilting.

Elaine specializes in uniquely styled embroidery and quilted items including wearable art and home decorating items.  Her life-long interest in sewing and decorating expanded into machine embroidery about 10 years ago.  She currently enjoys experimenting with combining embroidery with quilting and weaving to create new and innovative items.   She enjoys creating unique shirts, totes, aprons, linens and towels decorated with southwest and floral designs.   Many enjoy her large scale religious banners and vestments.  More...

Patriotic Fold and Carry Chair - Front
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Patriotic Fold and Carry Chair - back

Hi, my name is Elaine Tarr. Welcome to my web site. I do all the embroidery at Desert Vista Fiber Arts. My fiber arts include machine embroidery, sewing, quilting and weaving (at which I am still a novice). As an artist, my mediums are fabric, thread and yarn. I offer many types of custom-made wearable art and home decorating items.

I retired in 2008 from a career in education and training; first in public education and then in corporate training. Now I have the wonderful opportunity to pursue my passions through Desert Vista Fiber Arts. I also work with a quilting group which makes child and adult quilts for those in need.

My Desert Vista Fiber Arts studio is located in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona surrounded by the Sonoran Desert. The desert influences many of my projects which feature kokopelli, javalina, chili pepper ristras and cacti.  My love of travel is reflected in the many tee shirts my husband wears. I love making souvenir tees for the places we visit. I often create tees and sweatshirts for events such as tours, family events and celebrations. I find my customers have lots of imagination when we are designing such items.

You will find I feature many American Southwest designs. I have lived in the southwest for 30 years and have come to love the culture and beauty of the southwest. On the southwest design pages I gladly share an introduction to some of our southwestern culture.

If you have something in mind, which you would like embroidered I most likely can find or make a design to meet your needs. Machine embroidery starts with a shape, logo, graphic or picture. Computer software programs are used to convert the graphic/picture to a format which a computerized embroidery machine can use to sew out the design. This is called digitizing. I digitize some of my designs. I purchase the license for some. My favorite sources for designs are Emblibrary.com and Aneita Goodesigns. I often embellish purchased designs as well.

On this site you will find some of my stock embroidery designs and products such as shirts, towels, linens, and fabric which can be embroidered. Some designs do well embroidered on any fabric. However, some embroidery designs lend themselves to specific products. Since our imagination is the basic limiter of what can be done, I have also included photos of many of the custom projects I have done. I love the challenge of creating custom items. Sometimes we are looking for something unique, different. It may be a special occasion when we want a unique gift. Perhaps for a great grandma who says she has everything she needs or wants.

Let your imagine take over as you view the items shown here which have been done on special request. It is possible to create a unique design to showcase a talent, a company, a special occasion.

Some items are offered for sale via this site. For additional stock designs, product info and custom items please email me at

A deposit is required before any sewing or embroidery is done on custom orders. All payments are due at time of delivery.
There are many designs not shown on this web site.

Thank you for shopping at Desert Vista Fiber Arts. If you encounter any problems please email me at elaine@desertvistafiberarts.com