Why I Do What I Do -

And how you have helped
Desert Vista Fiber Arts
become a reality

I am thrilled that everyone who uses my embroidered items, knows they are getting an authentic and creative item worthy of you, our ultimate dream customer.

Before I created Desert Vista Fiber Arts, I enjoyed sewing and crafting projects, including sewing clothes, working with my daughter, as we created her wedding gown, knitting and learning to weave.

Then one day, I attended a sewing seminar for machine embroidery and fell in love with the idea of creating embroidered items for my family and friends.  I found friends asking me to embroider shirts, aprons and totes for them.   I was even asked to salvage a pair of very special pants which a friend loved but somehow had black ink stains on them.  They had embroidered flowers on them already.  So, I embroidered butterflies by the flowers, to cover the ink stains.  Then I had to embroider more butterflies to balance out the design.   What fun!!  And my friend was so excited!!

At the sewing seminar, I had the chance to embroider on a machine which had 6 needles and could embroider 6 different colors with just one set up.  I fell in love with the machine.

When I told my husband about the machine, he asked me if I had bought one.  No, I replied.  It was so expensive, I would have to have a company and sell items to pay for it.   And guess what happened??  Desert Vista Fiber Arts was formed, several weeks later, in 2005 and I have not stopped embroidering for family, friends and wonderful customers!

In the Spring of 2019 I wanted to change up my business strategy and this website is one of the components of this new adventure.

I am offering my experience and expertise, from my many years of sewing and embroidery, to create quality embroidery on well researched, quality items for discriminating customers, who value quality products and quality workmanship.

I set out to create the most high-end, unique and valued apparel, home decor and embroidered art for customers who value quality and service.
It has been my pleasure to see my customers return time and again to purchase products for themselves, but especially, purchase my items for gifts shared around the world.
I look forward to meeting you and your friends, and to be a source of unique and valued embroidered items for you.